About Casually Capable

Ever sit at your desk and wonder what the hell you are doing? Welcome to your new favorite podcast. Life as a young professional is hard and let’s face it most of the time you have no idea what’s going on. Well…. we are still figuring that out as well.

The Casually Capable podcast is by a couple guys figuring it out, for people figuring it out. Explore how numerous interesting and successful personalities got the jobs they have with interview. We answer the question, “how the does someone end up doing that?!?” We are not your average career podcast with the same boring questions. After over a year of podcasting with Vic and Stu on the Tues, hosts Victor Miltiades and Stuart Williams found their groove speaking with guests from not so typical jobs. These ranged from the voice of Siri, professional eaters, Minor League Baseball owners, Cartoonist, TV writers and more. Interviews may start with background info, after a couple questions (and podcast beers) conversation usually turns into funny stories, especially ones about  bad dates.    

We also want our listeners to be equipped with the best water cooler topics of the day, so we continuously scour the internet and social media to find the most bizarre and talked about stories. Vic and Stu are known to drop a hot take or 10, so keep your notepads on hand. So stop what you’re doing and Subscribe now!