About Us

There’s a way out of this room we don’t know about
– Don Draper. Vic and Stu

Mad Men has always been an inspiration to us, both a serious show with deep characters. However, the more you watch it the funnier it gets. When coming up with a name for our site, we had to pay homage to one of our creative influences best moments. Don existentially said the quote above while chasing a mouse that seemed to disappear where there is no door. If one thinks enough, there’s always another solution . No matter how wild, every idea could be the one that inspires something greater.

Recently graduated, figuring out the professional world and still trying to have fun the whole time. Can you relate to this? So many of the content out there feels geared towards the “serious job seeking millennial”. We wanted to build a creative outlet to make content people like us. Our goal is to offer a place you can find where reader can find deep thought, movie reviews, stories about travel, losing money on sports gambling and podcasts teetering that line of comedy and information.

After working a few years, we know the feeling. We want to connect with you because we are you. We enjoy a TED Talk, but also vegging out to a full day of Football or Stranger Things. We don’t pretend to know more than we do, and know there’s nothing wrong with that.

After hosting our podcast Vic and Stu on the Tues for over a year, we found the pod shifting to being different from when it started. We also found ourselves wanting to and doing more than have been hosting a podcast. There were ideas for blogs, videos and bringing in other people to contribute. It was then we wanted to expand our podcast site to encompass all of these. We want a place for us to contribute, and also enable others with a site to interact with us and even join in. If you are interested in writing, podcasting or working with us, please reach us at Victor@TwoWaysOutMedia.com or Stuart@twowaysoutmedia.com.