Casually Capable Ep7: Back to our Vic and Stu Roots


Fans have been clamoring and we are giving the people what they want. Vic and Stu are bringing you a revamp, with some awesome new segments to get you prepped for the ‘freedom from your office day’ on July 4th.  After some deliberating, Stu and Vic are getting back to the two-man pod. Our goal is to have a great pod that is both informative and fun for anyone dealing with the weirdness that is office life.

After a brief catchup, the new podcasts will all have the following segments:

  • “So did you hear about?’ : We find a fun business story of the week that you could use as chit-chat for a meeting to avoid the classicly awkward, “So how are you doing….busy too…haha same here”.
  • Coffee Wait Debate: You’re in the break room, there are a few people waiting for their coffee. Why not add a few more minutes to the wait with a lighthearted debate? We find a topic that anyone could have a good time chatting about.
  • Work-Life Balance: What’s the point of working without the life? Vic and Stu recommend fun activities, purchases, and entertainment to give you something to look forward too after a long day.

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