Summer of MoviePass: The Victor Rankings 14-11

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Since wrapping up my job search, I wanted to punctuate my summer with a ranking of each of the movies I saw, so I created the ‘Victor Ranking System’ — which is a combination:

  • Overall enjoyment – Was it a fun movie experience?
  • Movie quality – Did the film accomplish what it set out to?
  • Lasting power – Did the movie stick with me?
  • Personal preferences – Is Jason Statham fighting a Megalodon?

For a frame of reference on the numbers for this ranking, a 70 is an average movie that I would recommend seeing in theaters. The more it deviates from that number, the stronger I felt about it being good/bad. For this post, I’ll be including a brief spoiler-free summary on my thoughts and will be adding links to longer posts. This is a live document, so rankings are subject to change.

  1. Jurassic World 2 Victor Ranking:79

The movie takes a different approach than the typical ‘Jurassic Park’ movie, and I can appreciate the risk. There’s a fun intro on the island, but the majority of the movie feels like a monster movie — with Pratt and company avoiding a ‘smart hunter’ dinosaur throughout a creepy mansion. Overall this film felt like they were going for singles instead of home runs, and were okay developing the story for a trilogy.

Remember the year of Chris Pratt? Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World were both huge movies that officially deemed Andy Dwyer to stardom. Chris Pratt’s charm in both of those films showed us he could have that mix of bravery, sarcasm, humor, and competence to accomplish what needed to be done. But my knock on the film is that it felt like Pratt was on a leash and wasn’t given full range to truly build out his character more in this sequel.

  1. Christopher Robin Victor Ranking:81

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday” – Winnie The Pooh (My Spirit Animal?). While I am not a Winnie the Pooh guy, I am familiar with the cast of characters and thought it was an interesting take on the source material. Instead of feeling like a kiddie movie, Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) takes you through a surprising emotional journey as Christopher has to rediscover his inner child. While it did drag a little, overall the movie CGI and emotion made it a very good film.

I also want to give major props to this movie for NOT saying “You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing”

  1. The Meg Victor Ranking:82

Oh man, here we go. This movie may have been the one I was most excited for this summer. The sentence “Jason Statham fights a Megalodon in an action comedy movie” is essentially a Mad-lib sentence where every fill-in the blank is ‘List something Victor Loves’. With these Statham Vs. Megalodon points, it may be higher on my list than others.

Overall, this was a fun movie that let Statham show off more of his leading man chops. I do not think this movie will go down in history as one of his best, but it was a good time — and that was what I was hoping for out of this one. Shark movies will always live in the shadow of Jaws. This one isn’t shifting the course of Shark movie history, but setting the movie in Asian countries to play towards an international audience may give studio interest for a sequel.

  1. Crazy rich Asians Victor Ranking: 83

Just outside my top ten, but definitely one of the more influential movies of the summer. I have to note, I am probably as far out as possible of the demographic this movie was made for. I am not a huge rom-com guy and the movie had a lot of inside jokes only an Asian/Asian-American audience would understand (I saw this movie in a crowded theater with a mostly Asian audience, so their laughter confirmed that). With this said, I really enjoyed how this movie flowed, was cinematically beautiful, and connected with its audience. The entire cast was amazing, and the family dynamics were both fun and intense. I’ve heard comparisons to how Greeks can connect with My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which I’d agree with — also that is high praise from me.

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