Summer of MoviePass: The Victor Rankings 19-15

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Since wrapping up my job search, I wanted to punctuate my summer with a ranking of each of the movies I saw, so I created the ‘Victor Ranking System’ — which is a combination:

  • Overall enjoyment – Was it a fun movie experience?
  • Movie quality – Did the film accomplish what it set out to?
  • Lasting power – Did the movie stick with me?
  • Personal preferences – Is Jason Statham fighting a Megalodon?

For a frame of reference on the numbers for this ranking, a 70 is an average movie that I would recommend seeing in theaters. The more it deviates from that number, the stronger I felt about it being good/bad. For this post, I’ll be including a brief spoiler-free summary on my thoughts and will be adding links to longer posts. This is a live document, so rankings are subject to change.

  1. Skyscraper  Victor Ranking:73

I loved this movie in theaters, and I don’t know how much I would like it if it wasn’t in theaters. The movie was what it was, a fun homage to Die Hard and other high adrenaline movies of the 80s. It has The Rock fighting terrorists to save his family in a giant skyscraper, and to even the odds The Rock has a prosthetic leg. I want to give the movie major props for raising your heart rate and making viewers excited. With all this being said, there was nothing new or great— just plenty of spots that were good. It also missed out on having by having an extremely forgettable villain, a key part of a great 80s action movie. Shout out Hans G.

  1. Equalizer 2 Victor Ranking:74

Denzel Washington does Denzel Washington stuff, do I need to write more? It’s the same character from the first Equalizer, except he’s a Lyft driver and nothing from the first one mattered. Denzel does a lot of killing, there’s a loose story about some sort of revenge, blah blah, throw in a sub plot about youth culture, and then add in an awesome shootout in a hurricane. There’s your movie. It is a turkey sandwich movie; never going to blow you away, but you’ll enjoy it.

  1. Hearts beat loud  Victor Ranking:75

On paper, I would not be a fan of this movie. A father-daughter story about a high-school girl and her dad starting an indie band to help his record store is not a synopsis that would drive me to see a movie. Throw in Nick Offerman (Ron F*cking Swanson) as the dad, and you’ve got my interest. Considering how outside the target audience I was for this feel-good film, I had a fun time watching the film. While it may not be a masterpiece for my kind of taste, lovers of indie-pop and coming of age stories would love this film

  1. Solo Victor Ranking:76

Who can be Han Solo but Harrison Ford? No one. Alden Ehrnereich did a serviceable job with it, but just didn’t convince me. I spent a lot of the movie trying to convince myself if I enjoyed the new Han, and it kept coming up as okay. Outside of this, the movie is fun and definitely worth seeing. A heist movie in the Star Wars Universe should be good enough to get you interested, and Donald Glover work as Lando brings the movie up a few more points thanks to his charm. Other parts filled in by Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi!) and Woody Harrelson round out the film to give this story a part in the larger universe.

  1. Blackkklansman Victor Ranking:77

This may be my most controversial ranking, and the one I went back on forth on the most (Minus Uncle Drew, that movie took up way too much mental real estate for me). This Spike Lee joint has incredible acting, is beautifully shot, and had unique style to it….but something just did not click. While I liked this movie and thought it was well done artistically, I found many scenes dragged, I felt bored at times, and many of the jokes seemed like they just wanted to see what racist insult they could come up with on the spot. I was also discouraged from learning more about ‘true story’, which the movie took several liberties from to make the main character a less flawed hero. Many people loved this film, I believe it could have had a nice editing process to speed it up and keep the story moving.

On the positive sides, John David Washington (Ballers) and Adam Driver (Girls) were an amazing duo and Topher Grace did a rootin tootin good job as David Duke. You read that correct, Topher Grace is David Duke. Finally, I want to highlight the movie’s overall messaging about society, because I thought Spike Lee did a great job creating parallels. The ending especially drives this point home.


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