Summer of MoviePass: The Victor Rankings 5-1

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Since wrapping up my job search, I wanted to punctuate my summer with a ranking of each of the movies I saw, so I created the ‘Victor Ranking System’ — which is a combination:

  • Overall enjoyment – Was it a fun movie experience?
  • Movie quality – Did the film accomplish what it set out to?
  • Lasting power – Did the movie stick with me?
  • Personal preferences – Is Jason Statham fighting a Megalodon?

For a frame of reference on the numbers for this ranking, a 70 is an average movie that I would recommend seeing in theaters. The more it deviates from that number, the stronger I felt about it being good/bad. For this post, I’ll be including a brief spoiler-free summary on my thoughts and will be adding links to longer posts. This is a live document, so rankings are subject to change.

  1. Sorry to Bother  Victor Ranking:91

If you want a movie that makes you think, well this is one that will make you do it. Boots Riley directs one of the most unique movies of the summer, that goes a bunch of different directions to take on different issues in our society. There’s a whimsical feel to the whole movie, and it straddles that comedy-drama line Blindspotting does.

It’s also another great film from an Atlanta star, as Lakieth Stanfield felt built for the leading role. His character starts as a lovable loser looking for a calling when he finds a job (unethical one) he’s good at, then he has to decide what truly is a personal success. I am not a movie re-watcher, but if I were to re-watch a film from this summer, I’d do this one to try and catch more of the countless details and themes spread throughout.

  1. Incredibles 2 Victor Ranking:92

Pixar knows what they are doing, even if they need 10 years from the first one. The Incredible family is back, and this time they are facing a world that does not want superheroes. The family tries to get back into normal lives, but a new business wants to work with Elasta-girl to run a pro-hero PR campaign.

The Pixar teams creativity shines through as we see a contrast in the first movie. This Mom takes on the hero role, and it is up to Mr. Incredible to be the supportive stay at home dad that deals with ‘normal’ family problems, well…normal all things considered. With how superheroes have taken over movies, their world seems even more relevant now.

  1. MI Fallout Victor Ranking:94

Can Tom Cruise be stopped? Do the Mission Impossible Movies keep getting better? Where does Henry Cavill’s mustache rank in the world of cinema? (It was certainly worth the price of admission considering it was CGI’ed off in the Superman movies.) The franchise continues to dominate box office. For a movie that was around 2.5 hours, it never thought about how the movie was long, dragged, or wondered when it’d end. It went straight from great action the entire time. Not much needs to be said, but this movie needs to be seen.

  1. Eight Grade Victor Ranking:95

Remember Bo Burnham from YouTube? Well, he might have directed the best movie of the year. Don’t let the title fool you, anyone that’s been in middle school can relate to Kayla’s (Elsie Fisher) struggles to fit in. Instead of the typical middle school story about a shy girl coming out of her shell, this movie feels real. You will cringe at the awkwardness, feel emotional to the drama, and laugh at how real these kids are depicted. This felt like such a true movie, and battles insecurity issues big and small that people may go through. For background, Burnham deals with social anxiety issues and wanted to write a story about it; when coming up with ideas he found the best way to express that was through the story of a middle schooler. I could not recommend this movie more, and think people of all ages should see it.

  1. Infinity war avengers Victor Ranking: 96

We have arrived at number 1, and with 10 years of build up, I have to give the crown to Marvel’s Infinity War. The film shattered box office records and is a thrill ride for the entirety of it’s runtime. Even if one doesn’t follow the Marvel cinematic universe, take the time to catch up with this. The CGI looks amazing, and the fight scenes turned out really well and very often. Sometimes superhero movies can have too many up-close shots, but Infinity War made the battles seem large and memorable. The story carried as well, following Thanos (Josh Brolin again) as he prepares the Infinity Gauntlet whilst the Avengers work to foil his attempts to do so. Having the deep history we do with the characters makes it even more intense, as the stakes felt significantly higher in this movie than ever before. While it may not win awards, I believe the MCU will be looked back on in high praise in the history of film — with Infinity War as one of the highlights of the entire legacy.

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